Spindle bottle.


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Type of object <itemType> Object
Place <presPlaceLabel> Europa, Cypern
Description <itemDescription>
  • Out-turned, almost flat rim. Tall narrow tapering neck. Handle from mid-neck to shoulder. Slender spindle-shaped body widening upwards. Base ring. Red lustrous slip.
Inventory number <itemDescription>
Acquisition <itemDescription>
  • Gift from Mr Johan Hedenborg to the Royal Academy of Letters, History and Antiquities in 1832, deposited in the National Museum in 1886.
Comments <itemDescription>
  • EJ KLAR! Fotograferas!
    Comparative collection.
    Contains a dried pitch-like substance, kept in separate box.

Condition <itemDescription>
  • Body mended from several pieces.
Dimensions <itemDescription>
  • H. 40.0 cm, W. of body 6.4 cm, Ø of rim 3.4 cm.
Exhibitions <itemDescription>
  • SCE forskare jan. 2010.
Publications <itemDescription>
  • - Åström, P., ’A Red Lustrous Wheel-made Spindle Bottle and its Contents’, MedMusB 5, 1969, p 16-21.
Pottery ware <itemDescription>
  • Red Lustrous Wheelmade Ware.
Country / Findspot <itemDescription>
Referens, publicerad i <itemDescription>
  • Åström, Paul (1969) "A Red Lustrous Wheel-made Spindle Bottle and its Contents" in Medelhavsmuseet Bulletin no 5 (1969) p. 16-21.
Referens, publicerad i <itemDescription>
  • Wikander, Örjan (1981) "The Comparative Collection: Early Antique Collecting in Sweden" in Medelhavsmuseet Bulletin no 16 (1981) p. 47-57.
Event <context>
  • Förvärvad av Statens Historiska museum, Hedenborg, Johan.
  • Funnen i Cypern, Europa.
Keyword <itemKeyWord>
  • Historiska museet
Measurements <itemMeasurement>
  • Height / Höjd: 40,0 cm.
  • Diameter: 3,4 cm.
  • Width / Bredd: 6,4 cm.
Spindle bottle.
Subject <subject>
  • Cultural history
Inventory number <itemNumber>
License <itemLicense> Licens
Source <presOrganization> Statens museer för världskultur - Medelhavsmuseet
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