DX Act 3 - Column 6


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By: <presImageByline>Schwetz, Ferenc
Copyright: <presImageCopyright> Statens museer för världskultur
License: <mediaLicense> Licens
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Title <itemTitle> For sale
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  • COMODIFICATION (everything and everybody for sale)
    Consequences of our movements. Changes.
    With the arrival of tourism objects change identity. In many places hitherto sacred objects and objects with specific ritual or practical use have been turned into handicraft commodities for sale to tourists. How has this changed the culture that produces them? What happens when your everyday life becomes a ...

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  • Allting och alla är till salu.
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DX Act 3 - Column 6
Subject <subject>
  • Cultural history
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Source <presOrganization> Statens museer för världskultur - Världskulturmuseet
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