Mummy head


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Type of object <itemType> Object
Date <presTimeLabel> 17th Dynasty
Place <presPlaceLabel> Afrika, Egypten, Thebes [?]
Description <itemDescription>
  • Mumified head with most of its wrappings preserved. In a hole by the right eye is a possible inlay, or a dried out eye. According to the donor it has been dated with C-14 to the 17th Dynasty and has a provenance from the Valley of Queens, Thebes.
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Acquisition <itemDescription>
  • Donation from Alf Harlin 2016.
Comments <itemDescription>
  • According to the donor, Alf Harlin, this object came into his possession in 1963.
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Event <context>
  • Förvärvad av Harlin, Alf.
  • Brukad 17th Dynasty.
  • Funnen i Thebes [?], Egypten, Afrika.
Material, engelska<itemMaterial>
Human remains
Keywords <itemKeyWord>
  • 17th Dynasty
Measurements <itemMeasurement>
  • Height / Höjd: 25 cm. ca
  • Width / Bredd: 17 cm. ca
Mummy head
Subject <subject>
  • Cultural history
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Metadata rights <itemLicense> Licens
Source <presOrganization> Statens museer för världskultur - Medelhavsmuseet
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