Egypten, 1982-2012, Egyptian Gallery, 1982-2012


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By: <presImageByline>Uppgift om fotograf saknas
Copyright: <presImageCopyright> Statens museer för världskultur
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Type of object <itemType> Display
Date <presTimeLabel> 1982
Place <presPlaceLabel> Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm
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  • The Egyptian exhibition shows various aspects of life in Pharaonic Egypt from 3000 BC to the Christian era. There are also many objects from the prehistoric period, starting around 5000 BC. Most of the objects came to Sweden in the late 19:century, and have been donated to the museum from private collections.

    The Egyptian Exhibition contains, in addition to mummified humans, also mummies of cats,...

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  • Avslutades - 2012 .
  • Tillverkad av Sörling, Eric.
  • Tillverkades 1982 - i Medelhavsmuseet, Stockholm.
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  • basutställning
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Egypten, 1982-2012
Egyptian Gallery, 1982-2012
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  • Cultural history
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Source <presOrganization> Statens museer för världskultur - Medelhavsmuseet
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